Indoor Air Quality Testing

Air quality can tend to be an overlooked part of home maintenance due to the low visibility of the issue. Many may not even be aware of how bad their situation is until they begin to experience physical symptoms. Most times at this point, the problem has already ballooned much larger than if it had been inspected earlier. Health effects can be immediate or gradually evolve. This is especially true for those who have upper respiratory conditions like asthma. Poor air quality can certainly worsen already fragile health.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that indoor pollutants are 100 times higher indoors, posing a greater threat than outdoor pollutants. Since we spend so much of our time at home, it should be a safe space and the quality of the air should be clean and not harmful to health. Our experienced team will utilize the latest technologies to ensure the highest levels of interior air quality in your home to preserve the health and quality of life for you and you family.

To test for air quality, there are 2 basic points of inspection:


Our inspectors will be looking for mold, water damage, inadequate ventilation or any other contaminants that can affect air quality. Ventilation and filtration will also be examined.

Air Sample

Using a specialized testing kit, the inspector will gather samples of the air within your home and send them out for in depth testing. This includes searching for traces of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Once we have adequately and thoroughly inspected and tested your home’s air quality, we will go over our findings with you and prescribe the best recommendations and solutions to ensure your home has optimal air quality.

Mold Pollutant Testing In The Home


Since mold is everywhere microscopically, technically we are all at potential risk of developing a mold problem at home. The trouble exists in water damage though as mold requires a consistent moisture source to grow and cause the large scale complications that we all strive to avoid. Typically, kitchens, bathrooms and basements are more susceptible to mold as they contain the water sources. Because air quality is not the most visible issue to evaluate, thorough and professional testing is most important to utilize.

Testing for mold is so important because it can be undetected. Typically, root issues like leaky pipes are hidden within walls and can lie in wait until they are found by a mold test. No mold is considered good so if we find that the mold levels in your home are detrimental, we will evaluate the best plan of action to remediate the issue.

Radon Testing Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that breaks down in rocks, soil and groundwater and is the second leading cause of cancer in the United States. Either man-made or created naturally, it seeps through cracks in the foundation, pipes or any other loose point. It can then collect and build up to dangerous levels when breathed by humans. Though it is most common to detect radon in basements, it can also be found above ground. The only way to find radon is through professional testing.

At Clear Environmental, our indoor air quality testing services will include radon testing with other types of home pollution testing. The cost of these inspections may vary.

Carbon Monoxide Testing Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide is similar to radon in being colorless, odorless and tasteless created from incompletely burned gas, oil, coal, charcoal and wood fuels. More than 500 people die every year from carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning most often occurs in winter when heating systems are in use. Other sources can include gas fueled appliances, fireplaces and grills. The most accurate way to determine carbon monoxide levels is through indoor air quality testing. Most common carbon monoxide symptoms include vomiting, chest pain, confusion, headaches and dizziness.

There should be no reason to find any trace of carbon monoxide in a home. We use the most up to date instruments and technology to keep your family safe.

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