Indoor Air Quality Testing In Cypress Lakes Florida

Since issues are not noticeably visible, indoor air quality testing is often a neglected part of property maintenance upkeep. Mold, pollutants and improper ventilation and filtration can all contribute to harmful indoor air quality. This can be dangerous because poor air quality can lead to impaired health or the worsening of pre-existing conditions, like asthma. Since so much time is typically spent indoors, the air you breathe should be safe and clean. It is important to do your research to find the right indoor air quality testing company that can do a solid job. Clear Environmental is proud to provide indoor air quality testing residential and commercial services to the Cypress Lakes, Florida area. We offer professional and thorough indoor air quality testing services to ensure your home and business’ indoor environment is of optimal standard.

Mold Inspection In Cypress Lakes Florida
The first and most important step in the mold remediation process is mold inspection. Aside from creating health issues, the presence of mold can also lead to an inferior quality of life. While some molds can be detected easily by smell, some can be hidden in walls, making it difficult to be aware of any growing issues. Clear Environmental’s mold testing and inspection includes a visual and air sample two-point check to gather a comprehensive understanding of mold amounts in your interior. Once assessed, a complete and proper mold remediation process can be prescribed.

Mold Testing In Cypress Lakes Florida
Microscopically, mold is everywhere. However, it only becomes a serious issue when there is water damage that has served as the life source to compound growth. Once your home or business has gone through a mold inspection, mold testing will determine the severity of the problem and the resolution, especially when it comes to mold testing air quality. Though it is more visible to detect than other pollutants, mold testing for homes and businesses is still necessary to confirm an inspection’s findings to dictate the mold remediation. Clear Environmental is one of the top mold testing companies in South Florida and our process utilizes the most modern tools and technology and highest industry standards so that only the most cost and energy-efficient solution can be proposed.

Carbon Monoxide Testing In Cypress Lakes Florida
Colorless, odorless and tasteless carbon monoxide is an incredible danger to humans and animals, which is why professional carbon monoxide testing is so important to the indoor environment of your home or business. Appliances that burn fuel, like furnaces, water heaters and stoves can release carbon monoxide unbeknownst to anyone. Though at-home carbon monoxide detectors are helpful, they only alarm when there are immediately dangerous levels. The negative effects of carbon monoxide presence can be felt at levels that are undetected by at-home detectors. Clear Environmental is proud to be one of the top carbon monoxide testing companies in the South Florida area and will inspect and test for any and all carbon monoxide levels in your home or business and advise on how to fix any leaks or other potential problems.

Allergy Testing At Home and Business In Cypress Lakes Florida
When symptoms like coughing, sneezing, headaches or irritated eyes arise, most do not consider that your home or business’ interior could be the culprit. Many are familiar with and/ or experience outdoor allergies, but allergy testing at home can be overlooked. Inferior air quality can aggravate allergies, making life less enjoyable. Not being able to discern the cause of these allergies can be frustrating. It goes without saying how important it is to choose the right allergy testing company to do the right thing. Clear Environmental believes that complete allergy testing at home and assessing indoor air quality can be key to relieving these allergies.

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