How To Spot Water Damage At Home

When moving to a new home, it can be difficult to be aware of any and all conditions of every part of a structure. There’s a good chance there may be some hidden issues waiting to be discovered or rear their ugly head. Leakage or water impairment is a big one. Apart from the evident property impairment, it can cause a multitude of health problems like allergic reactions, asthma and numerous other respiratory issues. It is understood that property damage caused by water is always going to be visible. Still, water can drip in hidden places and likely go unnoticed until some significant damage is done. This is why people need a thorough assessment to detect damage or locate the area of the issue, which will most certainly help ward off future problems that can be expensive.

Water Stains
Water stains are a clear indication of water damage. Any inexplicable discolorations or stains that emerge on walls, flooring or the roof are likely the result of a water leak waiting to be discovered. Examining walls or the ceiling may seem like an obvious step but also be sure to look carefully where the walls and ceiling intersect with floors and each other for discoloration too.

Humidity and Dampness
Excess moisture and dampness in your house that cannot be explained is another indication of an unnoticed water leak. Examine if there are wet surfaces like counters or walls, places where water should not be accumulating.

Mold can be found anywhere that is wet or there is the presence of oxygen. It can be a serious issue that can have detrimental health effects if not addressed right away. Finding mold usually means there is either or both a water leak or humidity problems. When mold and the source of water are not apparent, a professional is required.

Strange Noise or Dripping
The sound of water dripping may sometimes be a clear, direct sign but sometimes it can drown in all the other sounds in a busy home. People should listen keenly and find the quietest moments, mostly at night while people are sleeping and there is little or no traffic. At times, water discharge can be recognized by scratching or rushing sounds, which are not typically related in our brains with water.

Softspot or Paint Damage
Paint and wood are usually the earliest to show any indication of water impairment in a house. Distorted floorboards or skinned paint are mostly sure indications of water damage.

Health Issues
Otherwise healthy people who begin experiencing respiratory health problems can be signs of water-induced mold issues. Mold is known to be the source of a multitude of health issues such as trouble breathing, allergic reactions or increased or more frequent asthma symptoms. People should not wait until they have spotted visible marks to check for damage all through their homes.

There is no need to wait for a catastrophe to perform preventive measures around the house. It is recommended to recognize the early indications of water damage in the home to save you money and eliminate potentially dangerous health issues.

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