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Many people are born with allergies to specific trigger substances and they suffer with the effects for most of their lives. Allergic reactions are a hyper-sensitivity to these substances, which cause the body to react as if they are foreign invaders. This leads to the unfortunate and irksome itching of the eyes, the scratchy throat, and unsightly skin conditions. With symptoms like these, allergy sufferers know all too well the importance of being free of their trigger substances. Fortunately, most allergy sufferers eventually come to know what it is that they're allergic to should these symptoms surface.

But there are some who may become allergic to a trigger (or triggers) and simply never understand what's happening to them. These people then come to deal with the frustrations of allergies with no knowledge of their issues and no seeming end in sight.

As we age, people who had previously been allergy-free can develop allergies to any substance that they have been exposed to daily. This development is compounded by the fact that with each day that passes, countless allergens are being introduced and then circulating and accumulating in the home.

If someone in your home has suddenly been experiencing headaches, itchy eyes and/or throat, coughing, sneezing, a blocked nose, skin conditions, or swelling of the tongue, lips, or eyes, they may have developed a hyper-sensitivity to a trigger substance. From mold and pet dander to dust mites and cockroaches, these hidden triggers could be the cause of the troublesome health issues.


Our inspectors will be looking for mold, water damage, inadequate ventilation or any other contaminants that can affect air quality. Ventilation and filtration will also be examined.

Air Sample

Using a specialized testing kit, the inspector will gather samples of the air within your home and send them out for in depth testing. This includes searching for traces of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Once we have adequately and thoroughly inspected and tested your home’s air quality, we will go over our findings with you and prescribe the best recommendations and solutions to ensure your home has optimal air quality.


To Be Aware is to Be Alive We try to take control of most facets of our lives, but how often does one truly consider the air that they're breathing? The importance of a home with a healthy and clean air supply cannot be overstated. There is a direct correlation between our overall quality of life and the quality of the air that we surround ourselves with. Not only can clean air benefit us greatly in the short-term with allergy relief, but it can also have extremely positive long-term effects.

With allergen testing from Clear Environmental, you can evaluate your home's indoor air quality and receive prompt, professional service detailing the current state of your home's allergen levels. The allergy test delivers the power of knowledge.

A Breath of Fresh Air Once you become aware of your home's allergen levels, it is all about taking the necessary actions to rid your home of these potentially harmful substances. And the great news is that these actions can be quick, cheap, and easy! By taking simple steps, such as properly ventilating areas or implementing an air purifier, you can help to eliminate these triggers from your home and ensure the best possible air quality for you and your family.

If allergens are a concern to you, put an end to your wondering and enlist Clear Environmental to get you the information you need today.

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