Air Quality Testing On Yachts & Boats

When you’re sailing through the endless blue with fresh open ocean air all around you, thoughts of your yacht or boat’s interior air quality may escape you. However, any interior, regardless of being on land or at sea, is susceptible to mold, bacteria or contaminants. In fact, your yacht or boat’s interior may be even more susceptible to these potential issues because of the environmental factors and the tightly closed dark, damp space. High moisture and humidity can wreak havoc without regular maintenance, creating the ideal environment for indoor air quality problems to arise on your yacht or boat.

There are both short and long term health effects that can develop or exacerbate from poor indoor air quality. Some of the short term symptoms can include eye, skin or nose irritation, sore throat, headache, dizziness, nausea or fatigue. Long term exposure can cause asthma, respiratory diseases and even cancer to develop.

Mold and bacteria are some of the most common causes contributing to poor indoor air quality on yachts and boats. Certain bacteria thrive in cold environments, like ice machines or drains, which are often found in yachts and boats. Mold is also a highly likely issue to appear because of the many valves, pipes and ducts on a vessel. All equipment and structure behind visible walls should be throughly inspected for leaks and cracks to ensure mold and bacteria cannot thrive.

Because of the closed quarters, adequate and proper ventilation is one of the factors that should be closely evaluated when determining air quality. Suitable ventilation removes the excess moisture, dust, bacteria and gases that are prevalent on yachts and boats. Areas where pressure is regulated at a different level should also be closely examined for decent ventilation.

If you’ve made the investment in a yacht or boat and spend any time inside the quarters, it would be senseless to ignore poor air quality issues. Degenerative health problems are only the result of a larger issue. Where there is poor indoor air quality is also a structural or equipment related problem that will affect the integrity of your yacht or boat as a whole.

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